Loop Automaticity Based English Learning

Native Speaker Ability is just the ability to speak without thinking or mental translation. If you can automatically count from 1 to 10 or say the days of the week without thinking, then you have native speaker ability for these two groups. This is the concept behind English Loopy.

English Loopy focuses on speaking speed and fluency

Step 1: Choose a category, level, group and speaking speed you want to develop Native Speaker Ability for.

Step 1

English Loopy uses stopwatches and voice recorders

Step 2: Get the target time for that group and speaking speed. There are 4 different listening & speaking speeds.

Step 2

English Loopy has audio + text and audio-only options

Step 3: Most users start a new group with audio + text. After a few loops for that group, you should change to audio-only.

Step 3

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